Corresponding staff organization produces and assists in rapid processing and a stringent return call policy insures your needs are met quickly. Additionally, it’s privately owned, independent status means that we are not hampered with complicated, time consuming procedures that often govern large corporate owned escrow companies. This allows us to operate swiftly, saving you time and money through our efficiency. As in all professions, there is no substitute for experience and our staff provides the benefit of 80 years of combined escrow experience.

Your EBR officer’s handling of thousands of escrows developed the level of business skills required for your success. Behind the scenes, our expertise guides us in anticipating a potential complication prior to its onset allowing us to manage toward its resolution; the hallmark of an experienced, knowledgeable escrow officer. EBR’s membership in the Orange County escrow association provides the most current information required for compliance of new governmental regulations furthermore, enhancing out expertise through the implementation cutting edge technology and utilizing third company services with comparable business standards insures a smooth, on time closing for you.

In conclusion, we believe the success enjoyed by our Realtors and their clientele is achieved through the value of our teamwork and a success driven work ethic.